#TBT to Incorrectly Guessing Song Lyrics

Remember when we would hear a great song on the radio, but we weren’t sure what the words to that one line were? We either had to find the cassette insert…or just guess.

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Today for “Throwback Thursday,” we hark back to hair bands, am/fm radio, and boom boxes (circa the early 1980s).

Did you ever belt out “rockin the cat box,” or perhaps “wrapped up like a douche,” or maybe “real moose custard”?

Me neither, but as sure as Kilamanjaro rises like a leopress above the Serengeti, I totally butchered Toto. There was nothing that a hundred men on Mars could ever do. We were well into the 21st century before I found out what the words to that song actually are.

It didn’t matter. We were having fun.

It kind of make me wonder, though, how much of what I think I know now is right, or whether it’s just my impression of what I “think” I’ve heard? Hmm…

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