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Transparent Separation: More Humane or just Passive-Aggressive?

“Transparent Separation” has been touted by HR professionals as an alternative to simply “canning” someone.  In this new improved version, the manager gives the employee an opportunity to quit but does not initially set an end date. From that point forward, every attempt is made to encourage the employee to leave, including giving them a good reference and time off for job interviews.

How will friends react to your midlife career change?

Nearly everyone you come in contact with during this transition is going to either have some very well-intentioned advice for you, or a horror-story about something that could go wrong with your new plan. Learn to handle these discussions with a sense of humor and not to take them to heart. Consider telling your very close friends and family members that what you really need right now is encouragement and space to work through this in your own way.

50+ and Considering Semi-Retirement as a Career Transition

Whether you’ve been forced into a job search due a layoff or a RIF, or whether you’re just feeling the need to make a career change, you may have considered semi-retirement. Here’s how to get ready, financially and mentally.


Starting a new career in mid-life is scary…exciting. It can be the “do-over” we need to finally accomplish the things we wanted to do “when we grew up.” Often, this decision is thrust upon us by a corporate realignment, or “restructuring,” so GenXrestrux has been created as resource for those of us in Generation X who may be restructuring our lives. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, be sure to contact Jenn.

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